What is a standard page?

A standard page is 1800 characters. Characters are letters, figures, punctuation marks and spaces.

How can I find out the number of standard pages in my document?

Open your document in MS Word. Select Statistics in the Tools menu. Then divide the number of characters, spaces included, by 1,800. Resulting number is the number of pages in your document.

How can I deliver the text to be translated to your agency?

You are welcome to send your documents by e-mail or by fax + 7 (495) 209-0616. If you have paper documents you want translated, our messenger will collect them at any address you indicate within Moscow free of charge.

What payment options are available?

Cash, bank transfer, credit card.

How do you assure quality?

The quality of our work is the source of our profits. Competition is huge, we all know it. Low quality would mean a loss of virtually everything for us: reputation, money and whatever else you could think of in the translation world. On the other hand, top quality is the most effective advertising method we know of.

People make a call or drop a line to see if we can be of help, and they stay with us as regular clients for years. They also recommend us to their business and personal contacts, and this is how we reach new clients all the time. Contact us, and welcome to the club!