Privacy Statement

SWAN Translations Agency respects your privacy and is committed to protecting it. Below you will find a description of SWAN's privacy policy and practices.

Whenever our clients believe (for reasons we never ask them about) that the documents they provide to us for, or in relation to, translation must not be disclosed to anyone but our staff directly involved in the translation job, they are invited to sign our legally binding Confidentiality Agreement.

Even if the agreement is not signed, it is our regular practice to remove names of companies and persons, contact information and other data making private or legal persons identifiable from the texts we deliver to our translators. This way we minimize the number of employees having access to sensitive information.

We also guarantee that your contact information will never be disclosed to anyone outside our translation team unless you explicitly permit us to publicize it (for example, to list you among our clients we are so proud to have).

We reserve the right to use statistical and other anonymous information about translations we make. This can include, but will not be limited to, such statements as "The number of pages we have translated since January 1 this year has exceeded n thousand", or "Yesterday, we successfully completed our first-ever Khmer-to-Japanese translation job". While we shall use such information at our own discretion, we hereby guarantee that none of it will make any of our individual clients identifiable.

If you have comments or questions about our privacy policy, please send them to our Customer Care Manager