Audio and video transcription

– You have just come across a video of a top-rank expert's master class which apparently covers exactly the area you work in. The problem is you don't speak Norwegian, while the expert during the master class does.

– Checking your office answering machine, you have discovered a message in a language you barely understand. No idea why someone decided you spoke Chinese (is it Chinese after all?), but still, maybe you were right when you thought the voice said something about ordering a half million dollars worth of your products?

– No master classes, no huge orders, just your favorite singer's brand-new hit… You've been listening to it for a week now, and just thought that it's about time to find our what your idol is singing about this time.

In the above and many other situations, what you want is someone to listen and put it down for you, the original along with a translation. If this is correct, SWAN is the solution you are searching for. Contact us, and we will make your information usable!